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Woodshedin’ with Bird in Eldon, MO

I spent eight years growing up as a home schooled kid in rural Eldon, Missouri. I had free range of the town and knew every corner and outlying area of it. These days, I love the music of Charlie Parker. … Continue reading

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Inez Hauck, Thanksgiving 2011

I joined most of my family in Dixon, Missouri for a Thanksgiving reunion. My grandmother lives in a nearby nursing home and several of us visited her there. She has been slowly losing her mind for several years. She has … Continue reading

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The History of a Subway Shop Revealed

The Springfield News-Leader has a nice History Revealed interactive feature up on their website showing several buildings around Springfield, Missouri as they are now and as they appeared some time in the past. This Subway shop and former service station is … Continue reading

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“I believe…that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri!”

To most of the outer island Tongan people we knew, America is Los Angeles (they call it Ela A), Hawaii and American Samoa. Most couldn’t name another state or city in the entire country (It would be fair to point … Continue reading

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Thomas Hart Benton: “The best damn painter in America”

Last Sunday I saw an article in the Kansas City Star Magazine about the Thomas Hart Benton home and studio in Kansas City.  Enticed by the promise of the 13 Benton originals that the article said hang in the house, … Continue reading

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He’s Got the Blood of the Land in His Voice

I went to the Bob Dylan concert down in Springfield last month. Dylan in Springfield is a collision of worlds for me.  I first learned to love Dylan while I was a student in Springfield and have lit out for … Continue reading

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Colbert Reports: Kid gets caught participating in a Summer Reading Program

I saw this on The Colbert Report last night and include it for the amusement of my library colleagues. The library I work for and the other libraries in the Greater Kansas City area have liberal policies in this area. … Continue reading

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