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Quote for the Day: Montaigne on the difficulty of waking young children

Since my wife started a new job, neither she nor our daughter can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in as often as before. And because Wendy leaves for work before I do, the responsibility for making sure Sylvie is up, … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago Today

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The Deafening Noise and Transient Joys of Las Vegas

Many people take a side trip from Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon. So I can’t be the first to comment on the jarring juxtaposition of ephemeral, glitzy, often tacky and ever-changing Vegas with a desertous, majestic, inhumane canyon carved from … Continue reading

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Quote for the Day: Montaigne on living in the moment

When I walk alone in the beautiful orchard, if my thoughts have been dwelling on extraneous incidents for some part of the time, for some other part I bring them back to the walk, to the orchard, to the sweetness … Continue reading

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A Love Song for Monday: “When the Deal Goes Down”

I like this song a whole lot. It’s even one of my favorite songs to sing. I enjoy unwinding in the evening by playing it to myself on the piano. I like it because besides for being a sincere and … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High

Wendy has been obsessed with New Zealand since we went there together a few years back. She wants to live there, she says, because the mountains are so beautiful. And they are indisputably hard to beat for beauty. “But there … Continue reading

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Wendy or Sylvie?

I can’t get over how much the little girl in this Polaroid resembles another little girl I know:

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