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An evening on the Georgetown seawall

On any given evening around sundown, many Georgetown residents walk out to the seawall to enjoy the evening breezes and views of the sunset over the ocean. These photos were taken near the Seawall Grandstand. My daughter had just procured … Continue reading

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A thrilling boat ride

Guyana has so few roads, boats are still an essential form of transportation. I made the journey to Santa Mission, an Amerindian village, and a bit further upriver to the Arrowpoint Nature Resort. The journey involved crossing over to the … Continue reading

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Quote for the Day: Montaigne on the difficulty of waking young children

Since my wife started a new job, neither she nor our daughter can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in as often as before. And because Wendy leaves for work before I do, the responsibility for making sure Sylvie is up, … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago Today

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The Deafening Noise and Transient Joys of Las Vegas

Many people take a side trip from Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon. So I can’t be the first to comment on the jarring juxtaposition of ephemeral, glitzy, often tacky and ever-changing Vegas with a desertous, majestic, inhumane canyon carved from … Continue reading

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Quote for the Day: Montaigne on living in the moment

When I walk alone in the beautiful orchard, if my thoughts have been dwelling on extraneous incidents for some part of the time, for some other part I bring them back to the walk, to the orchard, to the sweetness … Continue reading

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A Love Song for Monday: “When the Deal Goes Down”

I like this song a whole lot. It’s even one of my favorite songs to sing. I enjoy unwinding in the evening by playing it to myself on the piano. I like it because besides for being a sincere and … Continue reading

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