A thrilling boat ride

Guyana has so few roads, boats are still an essential form of transportation.

I made the journey to Santa Mission, an Amerindian village, and a bit further upriver to the Arrowpoint Nature Resort.

The journey involved crossing over to the Demerara River’s west bank from a landing near Soesdyke, Guyana and then traveling up the Kamuni and Pokerero creeks by speed boat.

The boat’s captain knew the waterways so well, we sped up a narrow, winding creek at seeming breakneck speeds, cutting hairpin bends with precision, the creek banks a few feet away on either side.

Upriver the creek widened slightly and the jungle opened into a wide, pristine savannah. I recorded the short clip above as the boat sped along that section of Pokerero Creek.

In the clip, we passed on the right bank the landing for the defunct and abandoned Timberhead Rainforest Resort. Hear Wendy say and know to be true, “Somebody needs to buy it.”

Even lacking roads, the trip from bustling, modern Georgetown to rustic Santa Mission village can take as little as 90 minutes.

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