The History of a Subway Shop Revealed

The Springfield News-Leader has a nice History Revealed interactive feature up on their website showing several buildings around Springfield, Missouri as they are now and as they appeared some time in the past. This Subway shop and former service station is situated just south of the Drury University campus. My wife and I often walked there for lunch when we were both students at Drury. Coincidentally, I ate there last weekend while in Springfield to attend Skepticon, and I snapped a picture from inside that large window that I know now was once the garage door for a service station. The convention itself was held in the Gillioz Theatre in downtown Springfield. The same News-Leader feature includes a then/now picture of the area around the Gillioz. I think it may be my favorite of them all. Despite the recent impressive restoration of Springfield’s downtown, the comparison shows, I think, that downtown Springfield is a sad imitation of its former self.

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One Response to The History of a Subway Shop Revealed

  1. very interesting that I asked you if you wanted a subway sandwich on this very day:)

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