Quotes for the Day: Tech N9ne and Bob Dylan on musical theater


In order to bring you all this rawness I have learned from earth
I hide behind face paint
I can be who I want to be
And I know its still me
But I’m totally free with my face paint

Tech N9ne from “Face Paint”

I’ve got my Bob Dylan mask on … I’m masquerading.

Bob Dylan, joking at a New York’s Philharmonic Hall concert on Halloween night in 1964.

Dylan wore face paint throughout the Rolling Thunder Revue tour and, though he was consistently pestered for a reason, predictably lacked the self-awareness to formulate an adequate explanation.

Here is a Kansas City Star review of the Tech N9ne concert I saw: Riot Maker’ Tech N9ne in top form at Midland

Here, also, is an interesting and psychologically revealing interview of Tech N9ne by the literary magazine, Identity Theory.

Special thanks to the friend who took us to see Tech N9ne. Sometimes friends shake us out of the ruts we’re in.


Bonus clips:

Here’s Dylan in his face paint days:


Tech in face paint – lots of face paint here. And an obvious nod to Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues:


This tour promo was recorded inside The Midland, the theater where Tech N9ne performed recently.


Addendum: Tech’s official fan blog links here and gives my humble blog its biggest traffic day on record. Thanks, technicians! Though the writer may have missed the substance of my comparison – alluded to in the reference to musical theater – which is that both Dylan and Tech N9ne have used face paint as a psychological aid for assuming an alternate persona on stage. The writer also introduces another comparison: “Both Tech and Bob Dylan had a religious turn-around in their lives – with Tech stating he took all the good from all the religions and melted them all down into the KLUSTERFUK and Bob Dylan converted from Judaism to Christianity…or something.” Well.. ‘Or something’ is almost how I would put it, too. Arguably, that whole evangelical phase Dylan went through amounted to another shade of face paint he tried on for awhile.

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