A Quote and a Song for Friday: Herman Melville, Bruce Springsteen on payday

[B]eing paid, what will compare with it? The urbane activity with which a man receives money is really marvellous, considering that we so earnestly believe money to be the root of all earthly ills, and that on no account can a monied man enter heaven. Ah! how cheerfully we consign ourselves to perdition!

– Ishmael in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

I see it hasn’t been published yet, but I got my hands on an advanced uncorrected proof of Nathaniel Philbrick’s forthcoming book about Moby-Dick at ALA, Why Read Moby-Dick?.

In lieu of a review, may it suffice to say in its favor that I started reading the book in a bus on the way to the New Orleans airport and found myself on the final page as the plane touched down in Kansas City. And I don’t usually like to read on planes.

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