The View From My (Kitchen) Window

Blogger extraordinaire, Andrew Sullivan, over at The Atlantic posted the view from my window as part of his running posts of views from his readers’ windows.  The photo above is one of my wife standing in front of the same window, which  is obviously the window over our kitchen sink.

This would be a fitting time for me to come out of the closet and admit I am an avid reader of The Daily Dish.  Other than typically skimming a few articles of interest in two or three online newspapers, and the websites I visit related to my work (email, the library website, etc.), many days can easily go by without my reading much else online but The Daily Dish – and I do mean at least skimming every single post.  Doing so exposes me to such a wide range of perspectives, issues, and carefully curated content that, over time, his blog at some point became my absolute first priority read.

I certainly do not always or even consistently agree with him on issues.  Frankly, he can be exasperating and overwrought at times.  But he is sharp and indisputably insightful on almost every topic he approaches.  He has a great eye for emerging memes of significance.  When I disagree with him, I wait for him to post a strong dissent sent in by another reader; it always comes, and his response to it always helps me clarify and strengthen my own views.  I could also certainly point to a few areas that I know I have shifted on as a result of his influence, including on gay marriage which I now support without reservation though I used to be in the civil union camp.

I’ve never written into the blog before until one day last week in order to send in a photo I’d taken of the view from my window.  Lo and behold, it appeared on the site a few days later.

The View From Your Window feature is fun because it showcases the diversity of his readership in the context of visually interesting images.  I am happy that the unassuming view from my kitchen window has graced the pages of The Daily Dish.  I tend to start my day drinking a cup of coffee in front of that window, just as I usually start my workday by catching up with The Daily Dish.  To see that familiar view depicted on those familiar pages feels fitting and good.

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