A Recap of 2010 in Four Pictures & Four Sentences

Though nearly 1/12th of the year remains, a cousin asked me to send in 3 or 4 photos of my family together with 3 to 4 sentences summarizing our life in the past year for a video collage she is making to be shown at a Christmas family reunion.  So the following 4 photos and 4 sentences are how I summed up the year.

Family picture

A day at the pool

Studying and mothering with Resolve

Playing in the leaves

Sylvie turned two in November.  She enjoys talking incessantly, eating chocolate, and already possesses a finely-tuned sense of justice. Wendy is a graduate student at UMKC and also works an internship – mostly from home  – for the university.  Seth works as the assistant director of a county library system.  Sylvie assumes the words “library” and “work” are more or less interchangeable and often tells her dad when he leaves for work, “I want to go to work, too, Dad.”

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