A Letter to the Editor

I just penned my first letter to an editor.  The letter is in support of a local politician.  I submitted the letter to the Cass County Democrat-Missourian.  Rather than get into the weeds of his voting record, it’s a naked emotional appeal, which I’ve heard is an effective approach.  In case it is not selected or trimmed down, here is the whole thing:


Missouri Representative Luke Scavuzzo


I’ve only lived in Cass County for a few years.  I have no personal connections to Luke Scavuzzo other than the fact that he represents me in the House of Representatives in Jefferson City.  Even so, he’s gotten to know me and my family.  He remembers our names.  He has made us feel welcome here and made us feel that he cares about our interests.  I’ve seem him ignore irrelevant partisan politics to pursue what is best for the people he represents.  I don’t know Rick Brattin or where he got all the money he has to put negative slurs against Luke in my mailbox.  But if he is asking me to believe that Luke has anything other than the best interests of our community at heart, then he just got to me too late.  Because I know Luke, and he knows me.

Seth Hershberger, Harrisonville

Update: Hey, they published the whole thing as the first letter in today’s paper.  Thanks you Democrat-Missourian.

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