Two Lessons I Learned

I learned two lessons on Sunday while standing in the rain trying to make the most of a soggy situation.  The first is that I will never again buy advance tickets to see a concert at the Crossroads Theater.  I will just buy the tickets at the door even if doing so costs a little more money.  The second lesson is that if there is any chance of rain on an evening that I would like to attend a concert at the Crossroads Theater, it will rain – it will rain a lot and there will be thunder and lightening and flash floods.

I guess I learned a few other things as well.

Michael Franti and Spearhead can put on a good show.  Their new single which includes the lyric, “That’s the sound of the sunshine coming down,” sounds good even heard over the sound of rain coming down.   Franti knows the chorus of Singing in the Rain and can work it into a song seamlessly.  Spearhead has a loyal, committed following in Kansas City.  Many of them so enjoy smoking pot, they will even attempt to do so in the rain.

Also the band One EskimO, the opening act, has a single called Kandi, which is very decent and that I’d heard and liked before without knowing who sings it or even what it was called.

I also learned that south-bound Highway 71 through Kansas City floods easily and one should drive slowly while trying to drive home from a wet concert through pouring rain.

It was a very informative evening with some good music thrown in.

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