A Picture of My New House

Here is a picture of my new house.  This photograph was taken by the home inspector we paid to walk through our house, take pictures like this, make independent and often uncomplimentary observations, and put it all into a less than glowing report about the condition of the house we propose to make our home.  The yellow arrow in the picture indicates the place where a leak has been found in the basement from an upstairs bathtub drain.

Fortunately, this photo was taken before final agreements were reached.  This discovery and others like it mean that, in the end, the seller will make less off the sale of this house than planned.  However, being a homeowner means that, for the first time, I am concerned about what photos like this signify.  This is a photo of the entrails of my home and it is not a picture of health.

Would we be buying a house in Harrisonville were it not for the happy arrival of our charming daughter? Probably not.  So my favorite photo from the inspection is this one.   While the inspector inspected, my daughter scooted about on the floors making her own inspection.  Her teething ring made its way into one of the inspector’s photos: a major clue as to the motivation of the buyers.

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